Abyaneh village

Abyaneh is the name of a village in Isfahan province, in Barzrud Rural District in Natanz county and 70 km to the southeast of Kashan. Its population is around 305. This village is one of the Iranian historical villages containing works from Sassanid period to the present time. It owns several unequal attributions just like the unique temple of “Harpak”, a Jam’e mosque with a unique mihrab from Seljuks era. Its houses are harmonious with climate and mountainous land and on top of the village sit the ruins of Sassanid era.

The Houses and buildings made of ocher characterizing the village by a reddish hue, attracts numerous native and foreign tourists every year, especially during traditional feasts and ceremonies. The roof of one house may serve as the courtyard of other house. Women living there typically wear a white long scarf with colorful pattern, an under-knee skirt and pleated pants. Men wear ordinary clothes and long black baggy trousers. People have persistently maintained this traditional costume.

Harpak Temple:
One of the amazing attractions in Abyaneh village is Harpak Temple. It was built during Achaemenian and reached its perfection in Sassanid era…                            Read more