Fuman is a city in Gilan, Iran, having the population of 35,000. The city is in a green area near the mountains. The main attractions in the county are the castle of Ghale Roodkhan, the village of Masouleh, the souvenirs of Fuman, mountains, forests.

Ghale Roodkhan
Rudkhan Castle was built by the Gilaks to defend against the invaders during the era of Sassanian Iran. It is a brick and stone medieval fortress in the north of Iran. With the fall of the Sassanid Empire, this area became a defensive position against the Arab Caliphate.
It is a military complex 25 km southwest of Fuman city in Gilan province, which had been constructed during the Sasanian era (224-651), and later rebuilt during the Seljuq era by the Nizari Ismailis. The castle is built on two tips of a mount, with an area of 2.6 hectares (6.4 acres). Its architects have benefited from natural mountainous features in the construction of the fort.



The souvenirs of Fuman
Cookies are the most known souvenirs of Fuman. Reshte Khoshkar, Koloche Fumani, and Baghlava are the common traditional cookies of Fuman. There is also traditional handicrafts of the area that are unique.

Mountains and Forests
Fuman County is also a green area with beautiful mountains, forests, and rivers that are so interesting to the people who like intact nature and ecotourism. The mountains are faced to Caspian Sea where the humidity is very high and there is many rainy days in the year. As the result, permanent rivers are formed that pass the valleys and reach Caspian Sea. On the mountains, there are traditional wooden houses on the top of the mountains that together with the grasslands nearby create an unique landscape.