Iran Visa Request

For entrance to Iran borders, you need to have Iran visa. IRAN MARKAZ International tour operator is the leading company in visa application for all countries that Iran has an embassy in.

Visa Support :

For applying for your you just need to do the bellow procedure:
1) Fill out IRAN MARKAZ application form and send it to us.
2) Send us scan of first page of your passport (Must have more than 7month validity left.)
3) We will receive $ 25 for visa support which we apply for passengers.
If you want us to apply for your visa, please download the visa application forms from the following link, fill them and send it back to us to this E-mail address (

IranMarkaz Tour and Travel agency is ready to provide you with the best services.
Application Visa Form
Invitation letter (For Iranian hosts)

After receiving your information we will apply your request in Ministry of foreign affairs (MFA). The process will take 7 to 10 working days for the issuance of visa reference number. The reference number means that your visa has been approved by the MFA but it is not the visa paper itself. Processing time by the MFA normally takes 7 to 10 days and longer for USA, UK and Canadian citizens (which will take 30days).

After that you can go to Iran Embassy in your country or current location which Iran has an embassy or consulate there and receive your visa paper. Maximum Duration of stay which we can apply is 30days.

After receiving your Approval code (reference number), if you need to change the place of issuing visa, please advise us to re-issue in the new location within 3days. You should use this Reference before 30days because it will be expired. You can enter the border within 3 months after getting the visa paper.

You can find different Visa Types which we can apply as bellow:
1-Tourist visa (valid for 1 month)
2-Pilgrimate visa (valid for 1 month)
3- transit visa (valid for 2 day)
Notice that following Nationalities can NOT get Visa on arrival anymore: American, British, Canadian, Afghan, Bengali, Colombian, Indian, Iraqis, Jordanian, Pakistani, and Somalis passport holders.
Visa on arrival at Iran Airports

Visa on arrival is available for about 70 nationalities. Passengers can get their visa on arrival in airports at Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport, Mashhad, Shiraz, Isfahan and Tabriz. Notice that you should wait about 20-45 minutes for airport visa office to process your visa; if the group is larger waiting time will take longer. Proof of medical travel insurance is now compulsory and is available for sale from the immigration office at the airport.

Special Notes for American/Canadian/UK Passport holders:
– For these passport holders process of taking reference number from the Ministry of Foreign affairs (MFA) takes longer than other nationalities, due to extra security processing that needs to take place, usually takes 25-30 days to give approval code to All American/Canadian/British citizens.
– For Iran visa approval all American/Canadian/UK passport holders are asked to travel on a group or private tour with a registered guide present at all times during the tour with day by day itinerary and specified hotel accommodation.
– Visas for American & Canadians can be issued at the Iranian Interest Section of the Pakistan Embassy in Washington DC (or on current location or any place which Iran has an embassy or consulate there.)

Required documents for receiving Iran Visa:

-Application form
– 2- 4 passport size photos
-Medical travel insurance (including evacuation and repatriation coverage)
-Approval Number from MFA
– One or two photocopies from first page of passport
-Visa fee: No matter if you are traveling with us or by your own you should pay visa fee charge to Iran embassy or Iran Airport (it depends on place of issuing visa)