Get Adventurous on Snowy Mountain

Ski touring generally involves the use of skins, which are placed underneath skis to help on the uphill. They are crucial to back-country skiing because skinning up is more effective and less tiring than hiking.

You don’t know When you travel outside of the ski area boundaries, no one guarantees your safety from avalanches, cliffs, tree wells or getting lost and dying of exposure. That’s part of the deal, and for many, part of the appeal. Left or right, up or down, go or no-go, you and your partners will have to make the decisions and take the responsibility yourselves. Some people aren’t comfortable with this much ambiguity or having no one but themselves to blame. Some stumble blindly into the mountains without a clue to the dangers and protocol involved. We hope that if you’re venturing into the BC, you don’t fall into either category.

Whatever tool you choose, make a point of familiarizing yourself thoroughly with it before you hit the snow. Five miles from the car in a snowstorm at dusk is not the place to be trying to figure out your gear. New riders and those with limited soft snow experience should be careful not to dive into BC riding too quickly. Consider hiring a guide and start by gradually moving away from the groomed runs when there’s new snow until you’re confident in all kinds of conditions – even then you’ll probably be amazed at how difficult back-country riding can get at times.

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Best Seasons:Winter, Fall, Spring
Popular Location:Dizin , Shemshak , Touchal

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    Ski touring generally involves exploring remote areas of the mountains, with no lifts around, and is reserved for advanced skiers with a very good fitness level. You could choose a hut-to-hut option — where you travel from one mountain refuge to…

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