Sa’adi Mausoleum

Sa’di lived in 13th century, but he’s a man for all centuries. The rich depth of his writings and ideas with social and moral values has gone beyond time. His words have been quoted by Persian speaking people inside Iran and outside alike. Even Western sources have quoted him and continue to do so. He is widely recognized as one of the great masters of classical Persian literature. Under Karim khan-e Zand, the 18th century ruler of Shiraz, the present Sa’di’s mausoleum was built to further honor him. It’s in form of a multi-sided building with a cupola on top. From outside it may look like a square structure due to its flat facade decorated with Shirazi tiles depicting tree of life in various colors. Inside, you can see the 8 corners of the building and large lamp hanging from the ceiling. His grave is beautifully carved in Persian and located inside a garden where beautiful flowers and several cypress trees are planted to make the setting even more beautiful.