The provincial capital of Eastern Azerbaijan, in 310 km southeast of Bazargan (Iran- Turkey frontier), Tabriz is in a valley to the north of the long ridge of Mount Sahand. By virtue of its situation, Tabriz has an agreeable and pleasant summer climate, but it’s extremely cold in winter. Tabriz is a metropolitan area that has about a population of 1.8 million. The population consists mostly of Iranian Azerbaijanis who speak the language. The city is famous for its handicrafts, including hand-woven rugs and jewelry. It is known for locally made confectioneries, chocolates, dried nuts, and traditional food. The city where many kings have selected as the capital of Iran in thousand years ago has a long and turbulent history with its oldest civilization dating back to 1,500 BC. Remarkably, Qajar kings have paid attention to this city and the role of Tarbiz was crucial in Iranian conditional revolution at that time. It contains many historical monuments representing the transition of Iranian architecture in its long historical timelines. In addition, the city has been selected as the tourism capital of the Islamic World in 2018. Some beautiful place in Tbariz :

Blue Mosque                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Originally, it has been built in 1465 by the order of Jahan Shah, the ruler of Qara Qoyunlu. This mosque which was… read more

The Bazaar of Tabriz
Is one of the oldest bazaars of the Middle East and the largest covered bazaar in the world. It was inscribed as World Heritage Site by UNESCO in…read more

Constitution house
Is a house retracing the story of the Iranian constitutional revolution in the early 20th century which made Tabriz a high place of the uprising. It is quite well documented and kept; although few English translation… read more

Azerbaijan Museum
comprises three main sections, the first contains the oldest archaeological finds from the 5th millennium… read more

Amir Nezam House or Qajar Museum
Amir Nezam House, also known as the Qajar Museum of Tabriz, is a historical building in Sheshghelan district, one of the oldest quarters of Tabriz in East Azarbaijan province… read more

Ark e- Alishah or known as Arg-e Tabriz is a remnant of a fortress built in the Ilkhanate period. Historians believe that it was used as a military castle but clerics claim the structure… read more

El Goli
(formerly Shah Goli) is a superb park around an artificial pond. In the center, a small hall is on an island with a restaurant nice for eating some kebab or drinking tea… read more

Saint Mary’s Armenian Church
The Saint Mary’s Church is an Armenian Christian church located in Tabriz. It is the largest and oldest Christian church and a notable center for Armenian national and religious ceremonies … read more

Saat tower
Saat Tower, the symbol of Tabriz also known as Tabriz Municipality Palace, which is located in the center of the city and on the left side of the Blue Mosque that was… read more