Zanjan is the capital of Zanjan Province in north-western of Iran ;with a population of 448,398 , Zanjan covers an area of 6763 square kilometers.
It is famous for its knives, traditional sandals and handicrafts like charoogh and malileh which are made with silver wires. Zanjani artists make many things like various copper ware & pots ;also decorative dishes and special covers as well as silver jewelry. In ancient times, Zanjan was known for its stainless sharp knives .Many villagers today are traditional carpet weavers.

Archaeological museum of Zanjan :

Archaeological museum of Zanjan is a nice Qajar-style mansion on the main square of Zanjan. Zolfaghari mansion is the name of this house on the northern side of Sabze meydan square and Jameh Mosque. The Zolfaghari mansion was built by Sardar Asad Zolfaghari and his son Mahmoud Khan Zolfaghari was in charge of confronting the Democrats during the Azeri-Democratic theorem and received Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi a degree and a degree in colonialism …Read more

Soltaniyeh Dome: 

Soltaniyeh Dome is a UNESCO World Heritage site, the third largest dome in the world after Santa Maria Dome in Italy and Hagia Sophia Dome in Istanbul and also the largest brick made dome in the world …Read more

Katale Khor Cave:

Katale Khor cave is a cave located in Zanjan Province, Iran. It is situated 120 km south of Zanjan city and is about 410 km from Tehran. The name, Katale Khor, means “mount of the sun” The Cave was discovered about 90 years ago. Geological studies in 1984 showed that the cave formation dates back to the Jurassic period …Read more

Caravansary Sangi :

Caravansary Sangi was built in the Safavid period (16th century) ;it is the oldest monument in the city which located in Zanjan ;the capital of Zanjan Province . This 400-year-old stone building is an L-shaped remnant of a caravansary with … Read more

Rakhtshur khaneh :

Rakhtshur khaneh is a traditional Qajar era laundry house ; Today Rakhtshur khaneh is Zanjan’s Anthropology Museum. Historical building of Rakhtshooy Khaneh (which means washhouse) …  Read more