About Iran Markaz , Health Tourism Department

Iran Markaz is one of the most reputable companies in the field of medical tourism in Iran. Iran offers world-class medical facilities that are comparable to any Western or European country. Iran has advanced hospitals and the best medical specialists. With the best infrastructure and the best possible medical facilities and at the most competitive prices, you can perform treatment in Iran at the lowest cost.

Iran Markz offers the best treatment and tour packages for international patients traveling to Iran. With our unique cost control formula, we help international patients to provide the best quality of medical services and facilities to patients and are connected with various hospitals and medical professionals that cover all forms of modern, comprehensive treatment.

In addition to medical services, Iran Markus offers tourism services such as visas, transportation, accommodation, and tours packages to health seekers and their families.

Please ask us your required queries and we will provide the best possible solutions for your health.
Our goal is to prepare health seekers and their families for travel abroad, help them recognize basic illnesses,
and when necessary, ease the process of locating the best medical attention available. We provide consultancy
for medical tourism in Iran: health tourism, packages, hospitals, surgery, operations.