Ahwaz is the capital and largest city of Khuzestan province standing on the River Karun, the river divides the city   into east and west parts by passing among and gives a spectacular facade to the city. Ahvaz enjoys a hot and humid climate. The city is a gateway to international communication by connecting the cities of Iran to significant ports,  such as Mahshahr, Abadan, Imam Khomeini and Khoramshahr as Marine borders, and Shalamcheh and Chazabe as the land borders to Iraq by land ways, railways and airways.  Ahvaz is one of the most important economic and industrial centers in Iran. National Iranian Drilling Company, the largest drilling company in Iran, Khuzestan Steel Company, one of the largest producers of crude steel  and  some  of the largest industrial plants  of the country are located in Ahvaz. The population of the Ahvaz is about 1,300,000 and its built-up area with the nearby town of Sheybani  is home to 1,136,989 inhabitants. Ahvaz is home to Persians, Arabs, Bakhtiaris, Dezfulis, Shushtaris, etc. and different languages are spoken in it, such as Persian, Arabic, the Luri dialects of Luri (Bakhtiari dialect), Dezfuli, Shushtari,  etc. Its long history goes back to the Achaemenid empire period in the ancient times.

The tourist attractions of Ahwaz are:

The River Karun
Iran’s most effluent and only navigable river, 950 km (590 mi) long, passing by the middle of Ahwaz, is a river that  rises in the Zagros Range and continues towards the Persian Gulf. The bridges on this river are the symbols of this town as well as the most important tourist attractions.


Pol-e Siah and Pol-e Sefid ( Black Bridge & With Bridge)
Ahvaz is the city of beautiful bridges. Pol-e Siah and Pol-e Sefid bridges over the River Karun, the symbols of city of Ahwaz , are top two tourist attractions.  Pol-e Siah, or the Black bridge, the oldest bridge constructed in 1929  known as the Black bridge because of the black color of the body and its pedestals and White Bridge or Pol-Sefid an arch bridge inaugurated in 1936. These  bridges among many of bridges in Ahwaz remain as symbol of the city still today which welcome so many visitors each year.  


Parks and Recreational Centers
You can experience unique entertainments in Ahvaz. Countless Iranians and tourists from all over the world have lasting sweet memories of magnificent natural parks and amusement centers of this city.

Kianpars Seaside Natural Park
This very beautiful park is one of the attractions of the city is like a long strip along the Karun River.
Ahvaz Jundishapur University of Medical Sciences (Triangle University)
This beautiful and famous university is known as Triangle of History, Culture and Civilization, a building that bears the burden of history. The mansion’s tall walls, wooden windows, nested corridors and turquoise tiles, overall, represent a very beautiful architecture in the heart of Ahvaz. The triangle mansion a building with a strange architecture was built by Christopher Tadossian, an Armenian-Iranian architect on the western side of the Karun River in 1929. It was inaugurated as the National Bank in Ahvaz in 1929, and three years later it became headquarters of governorate, which was called provincial government. When the Second World War began, the Allied army was stationed there, and in 1930 it became headquarters of American organization Four Point (Truman).  Again in year 1957 it was used as the building of the governor’s office governorate, treasury and finally in 1957 this beautiful mansion was purchased by Ahvaz University and since then Ahvaz medical school has been located there. 



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