Chabahar is a coastal city in the province of Sistan and Baluchestan located in the southeast of Iran. The word Chabahar means four spring seasons. Locating on the Gulf of Oman, the port is near Pakistan and India and it is going to be as a bridge to connect India and Afghanistan. Chabahar is a free trade and industrial zone which has resulted in the significance of the city with regard to international trade. The majority of inhabitants in the city are ethnic Baluch and they have their own Baluchi language in addition to Persian.

The tourist attractions of Chabahar are:

Martian Mountains
If you are interested in other planets especially Mars, you can have a miniature here in Chabahar. The Martian mountains in Chabahar are similar in shape and colors to the images of planet Mars. The mountains have also a great sight of sky. There are camps near to the mountains that make it easy to stand nearby. The mountains have been under the Oman sea for several million years and then gradually getting out. Martian mountains have taken their shapes about 4-5 million years ago.

Martian mountains


Phytoplankton Shoreline of Chabahar
The amazing views created by phytoplankton that can be found in the shoreline of Chabahar takes a lot of tourists to the area. Most phytoplankton are almost invisible, but they make a nice color pattern together with the night stars.

Phytoplankton Shoreline


Pink Lagoon (Lipar lake)
There is a Pink-Color Lagoon, 20 km from the city, located in the rocky valley of Chabahar Mountains. The pinkness is due to the plankton in the water and also organic and inorganic materials. Flamingos, Chengers, Amaranthus, and shrubs are among the animals that can be found near the lagoon. There are also oak plants, nettle, shrubs and scales grown on the coast of lagoon.

Pink Lagoon


Gel Afshan Mountains
Gel Afshan Mountains are the place inside the mounds of Chabahar in which muds explode like volcano. It is one of the rare phenomena of nature that takes mud from underground and pushes it upward like a spring which takes the shape of a hill at the end.


British Telegram Office
The telegraph office was built during the Qajar era by English colonists. it is also the oldest stone structure of Chabahar. The building has an unique architectural style with arched porches all around the building. Using wooden timber on the ground also seems interesting to the visitors.

British Telegram Office


Gando Protected Wildlife
Gando Protected Area is a wide area of 450 hectares that includes local animals in them the most important specious is Lizard. The lizards live in the river that passes through the area. The site is a good place who are interested in visiting wild animals. The lizard is native to the nearby countries like Pakistan and Afghanistan. This river has been a habitat for them through history.

Gando Protected Wildlife


Tis Village
There is a fishing village named Tis in the neighborhood of Chabahar, which dates from 2500 BC, known in Alexander the Great’s conquests as Tiz and eventually renamed as Tis. Al-Ala lel-Moghefe wrote in 1188 about the port of Tiz and its commerce and trade. The Portuguese were the first colonial country that attacked the coast of Oman Sea. They took the control of Chabahar and Tis and remained there until 1621. There is a ruined castle built in Tis village at the time of Portuguese Occupancy.

Tis Village


Tis General Mosque
Tis General Mosque is a very old building remained from the early time of Islam in Iran. This mosque was built because Tis port was an important center of trade. The mosque is repaired several times during history and it is now similar in architecture to the mosques in Pakistan.


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