Kandovan is one of the most beautiful and historical villages of Iran situated on East Azarbaijan province in the city of Osko.  The village is on the slopes of Sahand and is famous for its special rocky architecture of its buildings created by volcanic interactions of the Sahand Mountains, the masses of  the melt of volcanic and lava have been shaped and bounded by wind, snow, and rain for thousands of years. The houses are carved like a hive in the heart of the mountain.  This village has been registered as a national Iranian work on May 5, 1997 by registration number 1857.

The attractions of Kandovan are:
The beautiful springs of mineral water, the hive shaped houses, the hotels and suites in the heart of the mountain, the silence of the mountain, the handicrafts,  plus very clean air attract many tourists to visit Kandovan every year.

The natural honey produced on the slopes of Kandovan Mountains is one of the most well-known souvenirs of this village. More products of this village include walnuts, medicinal herbs, Doshab (grape juice), almonds, glims (kind  of rug or carpet), jajims (kind of rug or carpet) and colorful rural scarfs.

Kandovan Mineral Springs of Azerbaijan
Clear, natural, pure and very light mineral water which comes from Kandovan springs in the Sahand mountain is another  charming aspect of Kandovan village for tourists.


This beautiful village is located on the beautiful foothills of the Sahand mountains and has a mountainous and breezy climate. The coolness of the air in this area is so pleasant.  In the hot seasons of the year when the weather is warm for travel, the village of Kandovan is the best destination for tourists because of its cool mountainous climate.

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