Khorram Abad

Khorram Abad is the capital of Lorestan Province situated in the Zagros Mountains. Its population is around 300,000. It has Mediterranean Climate and experiences  low humid hot summers and cold wet winters. The city has one of the highest levels of annual rainfall in Iran particularly in the spring and winter. The history of the city dates back to the Elamite era. Khorram Abad is famous for its lush landscape, from scenic waterfalls and green valleys to forests, rivers and natural springs. One of the most famous natural attractions of the city is the 48-meter-tall Bisheh Waterfall, which is surrounded by oak trees.

The tourist attractions of Khorramabad are:

Falak-ol-Aflak Castle
Falak-ol-Aflak is one of the most impressive castles in Iran. It is situated on the top of a large hill within the city of Khorramabad. The castle was built during the Sassanid era (3rd-7th century AD). A river which passes through khorramabad runs in the eastern and southwestern sides of the castle which gives the castle a natural defense system. Bricks, stone, wood, and mortar were used to build the structure. The height of castle including the hill reaches to 40 meters. The area of the castle is 5,300 square meters. The entrance of the castle is within the northwestern tower. Falak-ol-Aflak Castle is the host of two archaeology and ethnography museums which have occupied the fifth place among the most popular museums in Iran.


Lorestan Roof of Khorramabad
Lorestan Roof is a good place with proper height to have a good outlook on the city. It is especially beautiful at nights when the lights are all turned on in the city. A vast park with the area of 800 hectares is also established on the roof which includes leisure facilities, zoo, observatory, etc. As the roof is around 1850 meters above sea level, it is the best place in the western part of Iran for observing stars and astronomical phenomena.


Gap Historical Bathroom of Khorramabad
The construction of the bathroom dates back to the end of Safavid era. Apart from the rooms for showering, it includes two small pools for swimming. The Bathroom’s use is now changed to a cafe where the tourist can visit the architecture and designs in the building in addition to have some food and drink. The structure is interesting mostly for the people that like historical buildings.

Gap Historical Bathroom of Khorramabad


Brick Minaret
The brick minaret of Khorramabad which dates back to the 12th century AD has the height of 30 meters and the diameter of approximately 5 meters. It is one of the oldest structures in the area. The minaret includes circular stairs of 99 steps which leads the visitor to the roof of the minaret. This building belongs to the Daylamite dynasty and was constructed to lead caravans towards the city Shapoorkhast.


Khorramabad Inscription
It is a historical inscription in the city of Khorramabad which is carved with Kufic handwriting. The inscription dates back to Seljuk era (1037-1194 AD). In the inscription note, one of the Seljuk governors writes about tax exemption of shepherding and inhibiting some obscene traditions. The inscription is located on a street inside the city.

Khorramabad Inscription


Gerdab-e Sangi
It’s a stony whirlpool in Takhti Square of Khorramabad which its date backs to Sassanid era. With 18 meters diameter and 12 meters of height, Gerdab-e Sangi is a middle size structure which shows the common architecture of the area at the time for managing water. It has water only from mid-winter to mid-summer. Stones, lime, sand and mortar are used to build the structure. It is a good place for visitors who are fascinated in archaeology.

Gerdab-e Sangi


Makhmal Kuh
Makhmal Kuh is a beautiful mountain located in Lorestan province which is 15 km far from Khorramabad. The mountain is almost 3000 meters above sea level. The beautiful landscape of the area attracts many nature lovers both domestic and foreigners.  The mountain is covered by lichens and mosses that is the reason why the mountain got the name of Makhmal (meaning velvet).

Makhmal Kuh


Gahar Lake
The lake is located 35 km to the city Dorud and 117 km to Khorramabad. It is 2,335 meters above sea level. The lake is made from the rills and springs of the surrounding mountains. There is no road to reach the lake by vehicles and climbing is thereby the way to get into the area. Beautiful landscape of the lake and the mountains makes it a unique place for nature lovers. The color combination of the area differs with seasons depending on the cold and growth of mosses and flowers.


Waterfalls in Lorestan Province
There are several waterfalls in Lorestan province and the most famous ones are Bisheh and Afrineh.

Bisheh Waterfall
It is located in the village of Istagah-e Bisheh in Khorramabad country having a distance of 65 km from Khorramabad. The waterfall is 48 m in height and 10 m wide. Around the waterfall is covered by oak trees which gives it a beautiful view. It is a popular tourist attraction by the people of the area and appropriate for echo-tourists.


Afrineh Waterfall
Afrineh waterfall is located in Lorestan province 38 km far from Khorramabad. It roots from the rivers of Cheshmak and Afarineh. The water passes through rocky grooves which gives it a wonderful view. The waterfall is also interesting at nights when the stars are clear in the sky. It is very good to visit at spring and summer because of the mild weather in the location and there is also the possibility to swim in its pond.

Afrineh waterfall



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