Pearl of the Persian Gulf

Kish Island is a beautiful island and tourist resort located on the northeast of the Persian Gulf (Khalij-e Fars) about 17 km (10.2 miles) from the southern offshore of mainland Iran. Kish is a free trade zone and often called the Pearl of the Persian Gulf. It is known for being a beautiful resort in the Middle East and the Persian Gulf, a unique coral island and it is the number one tourist attraction in the Persian Gulf that is recommended to visit during your Iran travel. Kish Island has relaxed laws in comparison to the rest of Iran. Like mainland Iran, the people of Kish are generally so friendly and charming.

It’s thanks to the marjân (coral) that the Persian Gulf is so clear. But the coral isn’t just in the water- it’s everywhere you walk! Those aren’t rocks or pebbles you’re stepping on in unpaved areas- it’s fossilized coral. The old walls and blocks along the water are actually bursting with God-only-knows-how-old fossilized coral and shells. It’s really quite remarkable to think that this was all underwater one day.
Foreign nationals do not need a visa at the authorized arrival and departure points in Kish Island and allowing you to stay up to 14 days on the island. Make sure you bring all verification paperwork including hotel reservations with phone numbers, etc.
Upon arrival at Kish Airport, all female passengers just need to wear a scarf with blues and pants or skirt down the knee.


Climate and Plant Geography

Like other Persian Gulf islands, Kish – especially the islands of the Strait of Hormuz – is located in the narrow strip of land of specific growth tropical in the northern hemisphere, with low Latitude, between the Iranian plateau (in the north ) and the deserts of Saudi Arabia (in the south). According to statistics, the average rainfall is 190 mm, (65 % in winter, 28 % in fall,14 % in the summer). Kish Island has the most sunshine hours – except for coastal areas of southeast and several other Persian Gulf islands – that is about 3,100 hours a year.


One of the longest and one of the most beautiful bike-riding paths in Kish island the 75km path length is completely distinct with automobile roads and its a major part is constructed along with Jahan road. You can have a bike for rent in particular stations. These stations are in different parts of the island such as recreation waterfront and at the side of Marjan Market, running by private sector economy. Kish fantastic landscapes in south and southwest with vegetation is accessible for everyone. Bike riding prepares a situation for tourists to cruise in silence and has the pleasure of these landscapes.

Center of Sea Recreations

The best chances are prepared in Warm and Pacific waters around kish to use the newest sports facilities and sea recreations in different clubs. Banana sailing boat, shuttle, jet ski, scooters, and submarine are apart of recreations which in these clubs by updated facilities has been offered.

Ladies’ Beach

An area with the extent of 2000 square meters is constructed at the north of the island. Some services such as fresh water shower at the desert and also in the roofed area, beds, awning, beach volleyball and buffet is prepared for tourists

Men’s Beach

A complex with the extent of 10000 square meters which is located at southeast beaches with 3 volleyball beach courts, a field of beach football, rowboat, roofed showers, and cloakroom.

Maryam Sport Complex

Maryam Cultural-Sports Complex is equipped with bowling equipment (16 lines), billiard tables, bodybuilding equipment, sauna, and other facilities:

Billiard Hall: This complex is one of the most beautiful billiard halls in Iran which contains two family halls with snooker tables and pyramid white balls.
Bowling: Maryam Bowling Hall has 16 lines designed with the world-standard and illuminated with the back Light system.
Gym: Men’s and Women’s Gyms are other parts of this complex which are considered one of the most comprehensive sports halls due to the modern fitness equipment.
-Sauna: Sauna and Jacuzzi are also separate for men and women that allow both men and women to enjoy its facilities at the same time.
-Game World: Game World is located opposite the bowling hall which contains computer games for children and even adults. A world of fun, unique and exciting games.


Recreational, amusement, and sports complex in order to develop tourism، All ages especially for youth. The first desert safari complex in Iran which is designed and conducted by Iranian experts. One of the most famous desert safari tours with different vehicles includes Landrover, Landcruiser, Toyota, and even camel. Kish in regards to its natural potential is proud of holding the first safari tour in Iran. You can enjoy of Roofed restaurants, open restaurants, coffee shop, exhibition, handcrafts,


Diving in Kish

The coral reefs in eastern Kish Island are among the richest and most beautiful diving sites in the country. Diving is possible all year round on the island of Kish and the shallow sites on the island provide the diving opportunity for all people, even the beginners. Also, the presence of diving training and recreational centers in Kish Island has turned it into a diving hub in the country.

-Big Coral, Jurassic Park
These two sites are located in the east of the island and have a maximum diving depth of 6 to 8 meters. For snorkeling, night dive and especially underwater photography, you can go to the diving clubs on the Islands and use diving boat or drive to Simorgh Hotel beach and go to big coral from there.

-Southern Crack
Southern crack is a coral reef situated 3 miles south of the Island. It is a 22-meter dive site.

-Dama Wreck
The Senegalese freighter lies at a depth of 33 meters in the southeastern waters of Kish. Diving around the sunken ship which lies at a distance of 4 miles from the island requires no special diving skill but to enter the wreck, it is necessary to get special training.

-Hoor Cottage
This site is situated in the most western point of Kish Island in a place named Kolbeh Hoor (Hoor Cottage). It is possible to enter the 8-meter site through the small southern beach or through a rocky headland in the west.

-Greek Ship
The ship is located in the West Island in an area with a diving depth of 4 to 5 meters. Entering the diving site is possible by taking steps embedded in a seaside park in front of the ship as well as through the crater in the northern dimension of the ship.

-Hendurabi Island
Hendurabi Island is located 23 kilometers west of Kish Island and lies between Kish and Lavan Islands. The waters around the island are covered with a variety of corals. Hendrabi Island is a village called the Hendrabi village, which is located near the village of the ruins of a village called “Al-Dawrat”. Also, one-kilometer southwest, there is another village, known as “al-Saraat”, in These ruins have found many works of a very long time ago.

A very long time ago The Portuguese controlled the southern parts of Iran. Hendrabi Island was also one of its military bases and commercial bases, in which they founded constructions and defense and residential buildings. The ruins of the Portuguese village and a fortress today are seen near the current village of the island.

Most houses of the old island are made of stones, plaster, and mud. To travel to Hondurani, you can travel by sea and air, but most are by the sea.

Ocean Water Park

It is a 5.6-hectare outdoor water park located in Kish Island, Iran. It is the first Iranian themed water park and outdoor water park themed based on the story of the Mystery of the Sun Castle. It opened in January 2017 and has 13 rides, four swimming pools and one spa in addition to two restaurants, four beverage stops and coffee shops and two shopping areas. Ocean Water Park also has one of the tallest rides in the region, Pichaloop, with a 24 meters drop. The park offers separate, exclusive days for women only.

Dolphins Park or Dolphinarium

It is one of the most beautiful recreational parks of the Middle East with an area more than one million square meters, built by the investments of the private section. Visiting this beautiful complex with thousands of date trees and several other plant species, and the wonderful show of Dolphins, Seals, and Porpoises is fascinating for any tourist. This part will more expand with the execution of projects such as artificial rain forests, volcanos, Orchid world, butterflies garden and one of a kind restaurants.

Kariz-e Kish: An underground city

A stone doorway opens up into a maze of walled passages and clear openings that is now partly open for tourists. It is actually an ancient underground aqueduct in Kish, a resort island in Hormozgan Province, in the Persian Gulf.
The kariz of Kish is said to have been built about 2500 years ago by the inhabitants of Harireh City. They stroked the coralline layers of the island in search of water and built the qanat to channel fresh water to their homes and farms. For centuries afterward, this water not only relieved the thirst of the local residents but by exporting it to neighboring states, they bartered it for sugar or cash.

Kish’s Birds Park

With an area of some 3 hectares, the gorgeous, lively garden opened to the public as of 2002 and has developed into an amusing place in the popular Kish Island. Home to 57 species of birds, the garden attracts tourists thanks to its scenic landscapes. In two parts, the birds in the first trail filled with dense trees and lawn are viewed in cages on which you can read comprehensive information about the birds’ habitats, and their food, as well as their main characteristics. The second section, in an area of almost 2 hectares, some amazing birds have open space to fly, making it really worth a visit.


Summer Festivals

every year festival summers in kish. Night program, live pop and traditional music, film screening, happy carnivals, and awards are a part of the kish summer festival. Special discount in markets, best flights and decorate streets during the festival.


Rally in kish

The first Iranian carting track and one of the largest trails in the Middle East were launched in an 800-meter-long environment on the beautiful Kish Island. This collection has professional remote control and four-wheel drive ATVs. Kish Island carting track is a daily service for people over 10 years of age. It should be noted that under-16-year olds should use their own equipment with their parents.


Shopping Centers

-Pardis 1 mall
In 12000 square meter area in two stairs in the east of the island was constructed in 1371. This center with 228 active booths service to customers

-Pardis 2 mall
International Pardis mall in an area with 20 thousand square meters in 1375 was established and in 1377 was inaugurated this mall with its special architectural style with 230 trade booths and 10 office apartment in four stairs, eight elevators and 2 glass elevators is equipped. Glass roofed sidewalk is another special feature .with different facilities such as coffee shop, restaurants, and different shops is ready for service. Small civilian aircraft and a fishing boat are visitable for everyone

-Paniz mall
This mall in an area with two stairs in the east of the island is established and in 1378 is inaugurated. In 183 booths is servicing to tourists and kishvands

-Kish Trade Center
This trade center in an area with 40000 square meters is constructed at the east of the island and now with 479 active booths is servicing to visitors

-Zeitun Mall
This market in an area with 5200 square meters is east of the island in 1376 is constructed. Now with 103 active booths is servicing to visitors

-Maryam Mall
This market in an area with 5641 square meters is east of the island in 1369 is constructed. Now with 55 active booths is servicing to visitors

-Venus Mall
This market in an area with 26500 square meters is east of the island in 1375 is constructed. Now with 310 active booths is servicing to visitors

-Pars Khalij Mall
This market in an area with 12271 square meters is in the northwest of the island in 1370 in the native neighborhood is constructed. Now with 55 active booths is servicing to visitors

-Mirmohana (Arabha) Mall
This market in an area with 2300 square meters is in the northwest of the island in 1350 in the native neighborhood is constructed. Now with 70 active booths is servicing to visitors

-Morvarid Mall
This market in an area with 26500 square meters is east of the island in 1375 is constructed. Now with 310 active booths is servicing to visitors

-Marjan Mall
This market in an area with 22782 square meters is east of the island in 1370 is constructed. Now with 134 active booths is servicing to visitors

-Padena Mall
This mall is built in 1390. padeana is more active in the furniture market. In other stairs trade, offices are located

Hotels In Kish

Kish hotels are well-known for Iranian and non-Iranian tourists who visit kish. Annually, lots of foreign and Iranian tourists visit this beautiful Island. Fortunately for traveling to Kish, book hotels of Kish you can use and then you can accommodate those hotels and you will be able to go and visit Kish attractions. Hotels of kish provide good facilities for their guests. Some of them are considered as the best Iran hotels in the south. Kish hotels located are well equipped with good quality and also some of them have good facilities.

Some Hotels In Kish:

 Dariush Grand Hotel


Toranj Hotel

Marina Park Hotel


Iran International Hotel


Shayan International Hotel


Maryam Sorinet Hotel


Hotel Tamasha


Hotel Flamingo


Hotel Tatilat


Hotel Pardis

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