Maku is a city in the frontier region of West Azerbaijan province. It is a mountainous city in which everybody enjoys an important geographical and strategic position that is 1,634 meters above sea-level. It shares borders with Turkey and the Azerbaijan Republic. In fact, Maku is situated across Bazargan border and on the route of passengers traveling to Turkey via land; so many people visit this city daily. The huge rocks surrounding Maku have added to the beauty of the city and remind visitors about the ancient castles. The climate of this city is moderate in winter and warmer in summer due to the stony mountains around. Maku consists of two parts naming “Markazi” and “Bazargan”, two cities and 5 rural districts.

The tourist attractions of Maku are:

Baghche Jough palace
Baghche Jough palace is one of the most dramatic historical palaces of Iran constructed by the order of “Eghbal al- Sultan Makuei”, the powerful ruler of the late Qajar period and one of the Muzaffar al-Din Shah commanders. Luxurious building of the palace has been built of two-story building in a garden on a high hillside with a combination of Iranian traditional architecture and western especially Russian architecture in the late 19th. Currently, this museum contains objects and furniture of the commander most of them presented by Russia’s ruler and court for his considerable influence on the area of Iran, especially in the tumultuous reign of Muzaffar al-Din Shah.

Baghche Jough palace


The Chapel of Dzordzor
It is part of an Armenian monastery located in Maku County, on Zangmar River near the village of Baron. The Chapel of Holy Mother of God is the only part of the monastery which still stands today. The construction of this chapel cross surmounted in the center of a drum dome dates back to the 9th to 14th centuries.


Dakhmeh Sangi-e Farhad (Farhad Stone Crypt)
It is located 7 km south of Maku. Belonging to the 9th century; it was listed as an Iranian historical monument in 1968. There are places for torches which are made on the polished walls of the crypt.


Boralan Wetland
Boralan is one of the important wetlands of Maku with the area of 250 hectares and hot springs. It is the habitat for 64 specious of birds. Around the wetland is covered by vegetation which gives a spectacular sight to the area.



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