Ramsar is a city in Mazandaran Province that lies on the coast of the Caspian Sea. It was also known as Sakhtsar in the past. The native people in Ramsar are Gilaks and they speak Gilaki & Persian Language. The climate of Ramsar is warm and humid in the summer and cold in winter. Because of its perfect weather and environment, Ramsar became a popular sea resort for Iranian tourists. Ramsar Plaza Complex including telecarbine, seashore, restaurant, coffee shops, and shopping center provides good facilities for the tourist coming to the area.

The tourist attractions of Ramsar are:

Shah’s Palace
Shah’s palace also known as Ramsar Palace is one of the historical buildings and royal residences in Iran. It is a rectangular building with a single story established on a land of 60,000 square meters in 1937.

Shah’s palace


Markuh Castle
Markuh Castle is located on the top of a hill in Ramsar. When you reach to the castle, a good view of Ramsar city appears. from the top of castle the neighboring cities can be surveilled. The castle may be built in Pre-Islamic eras. It was a military base during the 9th, 10th, and 11th centuries. There are stories about the castle among the people of the area that some treasures are buried beneath the castle.

Markuh Castle


Casino Boulevard of Ramsar
Casino Boulevard was built during the Pahlavy Dynasty in the time of Rezakhan. The boulevard is one of the national monuments of Iran recorded in 1973. The boulevard had a casino before the Islamic Revolution in Iran thereby taking the name Casino Boulevard.


Ramsar’s Cable Car
Ramsar’s Cable Car makes it possible for the tourists to see the wonderful nature of the county from a top view. The cabins nearly start their path from the coast, where the passenger has the view of shoreline in a close distance, and then the cabin goes through the forests on and through the hills of the mountains. With respect to different weather conditions, there would be different views of the great nature nearby. It could be a sunny day which gives the passenger a far distance view of the surrounding and also a foggy day in which the traveler will go through clouds.

Ramsar’s Cable Car


Beach of Caspian Sea
Ramsar has several beaches that provide the facilities for the tourists to have a good time in the beaches. There are three complexes that present resting, playing, riding, boating, and of course swimming. While swimming in the beach you have a view on the green mountains of Ramsar which is very interesting.

Beach of Caspian Sea

Javaherdeh Village
Javaherdeh village is Twenty-seven kilometers south of Ramsar in Mazandaran Province and 2700 meters above sea level in the Alborz mountains, which is an important tourist attraction in Ramsar County. At the 2006 census, its population was 170 people. This beautiful village with thousand years of history has a very clean weather that is resulted from the plants which cover all the area of the mountain.



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