Sareyn is situated in the city of Ardabil in northwest Iran. Its population is about 8000 but it increases to more than 20000 in the summer because of many tourists who are keen to visit there and enjoy its charming climate as well as natural hot springs which are the main reasons to attract many tourists from around the world annually.

The tourist attractions of Sareyn are:

Natural Hot Spring
The geothermal springs of Sareyn has been used for a long time by Iranian people and the nearby countries for pleasure and also treatment. Many Iranians still travel to Sareyn just for the hot springs to get the benefits of pain relief, stress reduction, and better blood circulation. In the past most of the springs were uncovered; nowadays they are covered by buildings that make it possible to use in any weather.

Natural Hot Spring


Ash-e Doogh
This city is also famous for its ‘Ashe Doogh’ (Yogurt Soups), during the busy summer periods; it is not uncommon for many of the local shops to be seen selling and preparing this soup. Sareyn is known for its Hot Springs which they have always been in Sareyn but the 1990s earthquake caused some of them to get colder or hotter. The water is heated largely by the Sabalan Mountain that is Iran’s second highest mountain after Damavand. Many tourists visit Sabalan and also buy some honey from the shops which are local producers and they are one in the best beekeepers in the area.


Honey and Skim
As the area is mostly a plain land, it has been a good place for livestock and honeybee breeding and the people in the area have a good experience in producing Honey and Skim. There is also a local bread called Fatir which is usually taken together with honey and skim by the tourists. As their combination is very tasty.


Golestan Valley
Golestan Valley is located in the mountains of Sereyn and includes a number of cold and hot springs. Small river go through the valley. Golestan means the garden of flowers; the name comes from the reason that in the spring and summer the surrounding areas are covered by grass and flowers. 


Alvares Ski Resort
If you are among the lovers of skiing, Alvares resort provides the necessary conditions for you. The Alvares is the largest ski resort in Iran. It is located on Sabalan mountain near to the Village Alvares and thereby has taken its name. The resort is 24 km far from Sareyn and due to the location it can be used about 6 months in a year for skiiing. In addition to skiing, the are also has a wonderful landscape which is interesting to watch.

Alvares Ski Resort


Sabalan Mountain
Sabalan mountain with the peak height of around 4,400 m is located on Alborz Mountains. The peak of Sabalan is nearly 140 km far from Sareyn. There are several locations on the peak and in the nearby, that attract a lot of tourists every year. The mountain has a lake on its summit which is always frozen except for some weeks in the summer. Depth of the lake is around 40 meters at its deepest point.


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