Takab city is a historical and very beautiful city of West Azerbaijan province located in the southeast of this province. It is bounded on the north by East Azarbaijan province, on the south by Kurdistan province, on the west by Shahin Dez and on the east by Zanjan province. Takab is a mountainous region with a relatively cold climate. Takab people speak Turkish, Azerbaijani, Kurdish Sorani, Kurdish Kermani and Farsi. Beekeeping, handicrafts like carpet weaving (Afshar carpet known as the iron carpet) and  jajim weaving are dominant economic activities in the area and many families make a living from weaving these rugs. Also there are many  valuable monuments in this city such as famous historical complex of Takht-e Soleyman which is situated on the North-East of the city. Azargoshnasp, the oldest Zoroastrians’ fire temples in Takab, built on Takht-e-Soleyman complex during the Sassanid Dynasty.  More other historical places that you can visit in Takab include Lake of Takht Soleyman, Ayoub Ansari shrine, Burnjeh Prison, Qinarjeh Waterfall, Historical Village of Yolgun Aghaj, Sarouq Bridge, Soleyman Cave,  Aghulbik Village Community Mosque, Balqis Castle, Takab Jame Mosque, Chamanigol Lawn, Jaleh Shahr Soleiman Prison, Atakheed .  


The attractions of Takab:
Historical and recreational sites of Takab include, Takht-e-Soleiman , Chamli Golu , Mount Belqis , Sari Ghorqan Fortress and Ayyub Ansar Monument, Takab Jame Mosque, Sardar Castle, Ahmadabad Hot Water are more important attractions of Takab.

Historical Village of Yaghunaghaj
Yaghunaghagj is one of the most beautiful villages of Takab enjoying the most temperate climate in the region. This place has beautiful gardens as well as historical and recreational areas. One of its gardens called  Jamkundi Garden which has very mild weather.  Yaghunaghagj has mild summers and very cold winters. In the ancient times King Soleyman Khan lived in this village. The remains of his castle are in Yaghoun Aghaj.  The village becomes very lush and beautiful in the spring so we suggest seeing it to visitors.



Takht-e Soleyman (Soleyman’s Throne )
Takht-e Soleyman’s Historical Cultural Complex is an area that has been inhabited by various tribes such as the Medes, Achaemenids, Parthians, Sassanians, and Mongols. Takht-e Suleiman was the largest educational, religious, social and most important center of pre-Islamic Iranian worship. It is said to be the birthplace of Zoroaster the Prophet too. The historical complex of Takht-e-Soleiman includes the natural lake , the Azarbakhsh fire temple, the Anahita temple , the four-storey building, the hall and the royal palace . Takht-e-Soleymon is registered by UNESCO World Heritage Site No. 1077 in 2003 and it has also been  known as one of Iranian national monument with registration No. 308 on  Dec. 20,1937. 

 Azarghshasp Fire Temple
Azarghshasp Fire Temple was located in Ganjak, today known as Takab Village (Tikan Tapeh) a part of Takht-e Soleiman complex.  The fire temple is surrounded by a magnificent and ever-boiling lake with depth of 112 feet. The temperature of the water of the lake in summer and winter is the same at about 21 degrees Celsius.  With the establishment of the Sassanid Empire in Iran and the rise of Mazdisena , the peak of Ganjak city’s prosperity began. The Azarghshasb Fire Temple building as a symbol of Zoroastrianism’s authority caused the city to grow again. This fire temple, dedicated to kings and commanders, warriors and served as a symbol of unity in the country. Azarghashasb was regarded as the most important Zoroastrian’s temple by the governments of Sassanid  Dynasty. The people of that era and the eternal fire of the temple have been the symbol of the authority of Zoroastrianism for about seven centuries.  It is listed in UNESCO World Heritage site as well as registering as one of Iranian national monument.


Anahita Temple 

Anahita temple with its beautiful architecture is a part of historical complex of Takht-e-Soleiman in Takab.

Takht-e Soleiman Lake (Iran’s mysterious lake)
This magnificent lake is surrounding the Azarghshasp Fire Temple in the complex of Takht-e-Soleiman.

Soleiman Prison
Soleiman Prison is the name of a hollow cone – shaped mountain that is located less than 4 kilometers from  Takht-e Soleiman Lake.



Takab Jame Mosque (Grand Mosque of Takab)
Takab Jame Mosque’s date goes back to the late Qajar dynasty and it is situated in Takab’s Imam Khomeini Street. This historical work has been registered as one of the national monuments of Iran on Dec. 31,  2002  under registration number 6684.









The tomb of Ayoub Ansari
Ayub Ansari tomb’s date goes back to the  9th century AH. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful religious shrines of Azerbaijan. The monument has a very beautiful structure that is likely built by followers of Ayub Ansari a few years after his death. It is located 2 kilometers on the south of Takab in the village of Dorbash.  This work was registered on June 7, 1956 as one of national monuments of Iran with registration number 1244.

Takab Souvenirs
Honey, dairy, apples, apricots and cherries are common souvenirs of the city of Takab. The handicrafts such as carpet and jajim weaving, woodworking can be also bought as souvenirs.

Afshar Carpet or Iron Carpet (AS A Top Souvenir)
Another important part of the region’s economy is the handicraft of carpet weaving called Afshar Carpet. Afshar exquisite carpets and rugs  are particularly known in the carpet markets of the world. They are highly favorable in terms of color, quality, texture and design in all over  the world.  It is to note that some Afshar carpets are so delicately woven by mostly female artist of Takab that can be carried in a handbag.  “Afshar Carpet” is known as one of the global brands for carpet . Ir has also been nicknamed” Iron  Carpet”because of its longevity.

Takab city has cold, snowy winters and mild, dry summers. Because of being dry, Takab’s climate is slightly different  from Azerbaijan’s. Considering an average annual rainfall, Takab is known as a semi-desert or semi-arid city. On most of the cold days of the year, this city and another city of Iran,Firoozko, are the coldest cities in the country.


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