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Pearl of the Persian Gulf Kish Island is a beautiful island and tourist resort located on the northeast of the Persian Gulf (Khalij-e Fars) about 17 km (10.2 miles) from the southern offshore of mainland Iran. Kish is a free trade zone and often called the Pearl of the Persian Gulf. It is known for […]

Khorram Abad

Khorram Abad is the capital of Lorestan Province situated in the Zagros Mountains. Its population is around 300,000. It has Mediterranean Climate and experiences  low humid hot summers and cold wet winters. The city has one of the highest levels of annual rainfall in Iran particularly in the spring and winter. The history of the […]


  Chabahar is a coastal city in the province of Sistan and Baluchestan located in the southeast of Iran. The word Chabahar means four spring seasons. Locating on the Gulf of Oman, the port is near Pakistan and India and it is going to be as a bridge to connect India and Afghanistan. Chabahar is […]


Fuman is a city in the western part of Gilan, Iran, having the population of 35,000. The city is located between mountainous areas and Fumanat plain on the height of 15 meters above the sea level. This city is limited and abutting to Sowme’eh Sara and Masal cities from the north, Tarom Olya of Zanjan province […]


Also known as the “City of Rain”, it is the capital city of Gilan Province. Having the population of 700,000, Rasht is the largest city on Iran’s Caspian Sea coast. Historically, Rasht was a major transport and business center which connected Iran to Russia and Europe, and because of this was known as the “Gate of […]


Shushtar is Located in Iran’s Khuzestan Province. Khuzestan Province was one of the most favorite destinations in southern Iran. Khuzestan is the land of sun, ancient civilizations, oil, palm trees, and dates. Shushtar, the city which some say has 7,000 years of history and is home to a Historical Hydraulic System that has been registered […]


Ramsar is a city in Mazandaran Province that lies on the coast of the Caspian Sea. It was also known as Sakhtsar in the past. The native people in Ramsar are Gilaks and they speak Gilaki & Persian Language. The climate of Ramsar is warm and humid in the summer and cold in winter. Because of its perfect […]


Ardabil city is the capital of Ardabil province located nearly in the northwest of Iran. The majority of the people in the city have Azerbaijani language as their mother tongue. Ardabil is traditionally known for its silk and carpet trade therefore Ardabil rugs and carpets are renowned in the world. The city is located on an […]


Sareyn is situated in the city of Ardabil in northwest Iran. Its population is about 8000 but it increases to more than 20000 in the summer because of many tourists who are keen to visit there and enjoy its charming climate as well as natural hot springs which are the main reasons to attract many […]


Hamedan was called Hegmetana (or Ecbatana) in Old Persian . It is an ancient city with a population of 473,149 (2006 census). It is 1,850 meters above sea level. Hamedan is believed to be among the oldest Iranian cities and one of the oldest in the world. It is possible that it was occupied by […]


Kermanshah is the capital of Kermanshah Province in the west of Iran with a population of almost 850,000 people. It was previously called Bakhtaran in the 1980s. The city is located 1200 m above sea level and enjoys a temperate climate and regular seasons. Most of the Kermanshah residents are Kurds who are from original Aryan […]

Bandar Anzali

Bandar-e Anzali is a port in the north of Iran and a seaside resort of the Caspian Sea. The port was renamed to Bandar Pahlavi by Rezashah and it was changed again to Anzali after the Islamic Revolution in Iran. The people of Anzali speak Gilaki and Persian. The city was founded in the early […]