Payambaran International Hospital

•••History of the International Hospital of Payambaran•••

The Payambaran Specialized and Sub-Specialized Hospital was built on land with an area of 27,000 square meters in 1989 and finally, the hospital was put into operation in 2002. This hospital was built by the late Ayatollah Haj Seyyed Javad Al Ali Shahroudi Quds with the intention of obtaining the right consent and serve to the people, and after a lifetime of service and struggle in 1998, at the age of 69, he visited the idol. At first, this center started operating with 50 beds, but with the construction and opening of new sections and units, it now has an infrastructure of 60,000 square meters and currently has 300 active hospital beds, and in the near future the number of hospital beds will reach 400 beds.

More than one thousand doctors in 70 specialized and sub-specialized fields work directly with the Payambaran Hospital. Also, more than 300 experienced nurses and midwives and more than 500 administrative staff have gathered in this hospital to provide the best possible service to clients. In addition to providing comprehensive medical services and health monitoring, this huge complex has a set of services at the highest level of international standards to provide services to clients in other cities of Iran and foreign guests. Among them, we can mention the five-star hotel, hydrotherapy complex, sports complex and GYM, ball gym, international conference hall, reception hall, conference hall, training complex, and private parking for clients. Also, this complex is the first in Iran to have set up an international health check and monitoring center with the latest international standards.

••• Comprehensive Cancer •••

The subspecialty cancer clinic of Payambaran Hospital with extensive facilities of the outpatient site of chemotherapy provides services such as visits and counseling to cancer patients, blood and permanent injection of chemotherapy along with monitoring. In addition, patients can be treated with radiation in the radiotherapy unit. (Radiotherapy) and brachytherapy treatment by highly specialized doctors and the latest technology in the world, which exists in only a few countries in the region.

  • Chemotherapy Unit
  • Radiotherapy
  • Examination and Visit Clinic
  • Outpatient Medication
  • Brachytherapy Unit

••• Cardiac subspecialty clinic •••

A cardiac subspecialty clinic with advanced facilities, including heart failure and arrhythmia clinics, is ready to provide services to esteemed patients on a daily basis. The presence of subspecialty and experienced physicians doubles the desire of international patients to treat cardiovascular failure.

  • Arrhythmia Clinic
  • Angiography
  • Exercise Test
  • Specialist Surgeons
  • Open Heart Surgery
  • Cardiac Subspecialty Visit

••• Beauty clinic

Beauty Clinic of Payambaran Hospital, with an experienced team and the latest technologies and equipment in the world, based on the latest scientific methods in the world with nearly two decades of experience in the field of beauty services and treatments related to skin, hair, nose, eyes, Slimming and … meet all the needs of esteemed clients.

  • Botox and gel injections
  • Micro-needling lift with thread
  • Cardiac subspecialty visit
  • Staining and cleansing the skin
  • Topical lift and slimming operations
  • Cheek shaping, jaw, and chin angle
  • Cosmetic eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), correction of puffiness and drooping eyelids
  • Hypo therapy
  • Mesoglea
  • Laser
  • High-density eyebrow implants, one-sided eyebrow sleep
  • Hair filler
  • Mesotherapy and PRP
  • Rhinoplasty

      ••• Comprehensive Imaging •••

This center uses the most advanced specialized devices related to imaging of the most famous brands in the world such as Siemens and Halogen and uses a skilled and specialized medical staff in all fields of simple and specialized imaging services in a completely intimate and principled environment ready to provide services to dear clients.

  • A variety of simple and specialized radiology
  • Types of simple and specialized ultrasounds
  • Measurement of bone density
  • Specialized CT scan of the (CT coronary angiography)
  • CT scan (with and without injection)
  • Types of ultrasound Mammography •OPG
  • Types of biopsies under the guide (CT, ultrasound, and MRI )
  • Fluoroscopy

•••Physiotherapy and rehabilitation

The physiotherapy clinic of Payambaran Hospital uses modern equipment and up-to-date services of manual therapy and manual techniques and exercise therapy to treat and prevent various musculoskeletal disorders, orthopedics and neology, and sports injuries.

  • Traction bed
  • Powerful laser
  • Magnet therapy
  • Therapeutic exercise equipment
  • Manufacture of special rehabilitation equipment
  • Electrotherapy equipment (Stimulator devices, IR, ultrasound)




•••Health Checkup Center •••

Also, after preparing the results, the reports will be provided to the applicants in full and in simple language in the shortest possible time to follow up on possible risk factors.

  • Check in the field of psychology
  • Imaging related to men and women according to age
  • Nutrition and diet therapy clinic
  • Special checkups for children
  • Complete checkup of the heart, blood vessels, lungs, motor organs
  • Skin and hair clinic




•••International Patient Department ( IPD )•••

The International Payambaran Hospital of Iran with all medical specialties and beauty services using advanced equipment, specialist doctors, and has special amenities such as O -a star hotel, parking, restaurant, sports facilities, and a water complex for patients … Focuses on providing special and unique services to its international patients.

  • Admission of international patients
  • Providing hotel services to patients and companions
  • Airport and city transfer
  • Providing domestic and intercity tourism services
  • SIM card and ancillary services
  • Interpreter service with the patient
  • Exchange services



••• Center for Women and Infertility •••

The gynecology clinic of Payambaran Hospital in the following sections with experienced staff is ready to serve dear clients for painless delivery, cesarean section, laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, infertility treatment, and special cosmetic surgeries for women. Also, the infertility clinic (IVF) of this complex Provides the most up-to-date services and techniques of infertility treatments to our dear couples by highly specialized doctors.

  • Specialized laboratory
  • Gynecologists
  • Delivery rooms
  • Infant resuscitation rooms
  • Companions’ rooms{VIP)
  • (IVF)
  • Cord bank



•••Gastroenterology and Scooping Clinic •••

The digestive center of Payambaran Hospital is equipped with operating room facilities, numerous clinics, and prominent doctors with advanced equipment from the best reputable brands in the world. It is ready to provide all services to applicants. It is necessary to explain related operations in the best sterile conditions and with disposable equipment. And is performed under anesthesia in the presence of anesthesiologists.

  • Endoscopy
  • Colonoscopy
  • Injection needle
  • Cutter device
  • Bandaging
  • Polypectomy
  • Clips


••• Nuclear medicine •••

Using the most advanced devices in the world, the center performs a variety of nuclear scans, including ( Heart scans, Bone scans, Thyroid scans, Kidney scans, and other common scans ).

  • Perform various  nuclear  imaging
  • Loding therapy ( treatment  of thyroid  problems )
  • Baloo treatment … ( treatment  of bons metises )





Diabetes and Dialysis Center

The dialysis center of Payambaran Hospital with the capacity of 15  people in each shift and with the benefit of the best-advanced devices in the world and specialized and experienced medical staff as well as nutrition experts to control the diet welcomes dear patients. And provide services to control diabetes-related diseases.

  • Smart beds with adjustable control
  • Three-shift shifts 24 hours a day
  • Advanced hemodialysis machines with
  • Hospitality and nutrition of patients under the supervision of nutrition experts





••• Comprehensive laboratory center •••

The laboratory of Payambaran Hospital, with the most up-to-date laboratory equipment and also accompanied by experienced personnel in the field of genetic testing and fetal screening, specialized pathobiological tests, and all clinical and specialized tests, is active around the clock. One of the important services in this section is answering in H hours for urgent cases.

  • Genetics department
  • Clinical department
  • Department of Pathobiology
  • Molecular part(PRC)



••• pharmacy •••

The hospital pharmacy is ready to serve outpatients and inpatients in different wards around the clock. Medicines and medical equipment needed by patients are provided to clients and patients admitted to the ward under the supervision of physicians who are in charge of the pharmacy in each shift. Also, custom and special medicines are made in this unit.

  • Drug supply unit and medical equipment
  • Making special drugs
  • Drugstore





•••Optometry Clinic •••

The optometry center of Payambaran Hospital is ready to provide vision services and eliminate eye-related defects and diseases related to children, adults, and the elderly. This clinic with the latest equipment and uses experienced doctors to eliminate eye diseases, LASIK operations, problems caused by low vision and eye aging, optometry, determining the score of glasses and checkups and examinations, etc acts in the shortest time.

  • Determine the score of the glasses
  • LASIK operations and PRK
  • Diagnosis of problems caused by
  • Fix problems with low vision
  • Closure of the lacrimal duct
  • Aging eyes
  • Cataracts



••• Auditory Clinic •••

Hearing Center of Payambaran Hospital is ready to provide services for infants, children, adults using modern equipment and medical updates and perform electrophysiological tests in the field of problems related to the diagnosis of hearing loss, diseases related to the ear, dizziness, balance, tinnitus … and prescribe hearing aids.

  • Audiometry
  • Troubleshoot tinnitus problems
  • Misophonia
  • Diagnosis of ear tumors
  • Diagnose problems
  • related to sudden deafness




•••Dental Clinic

The dental clinic of Payambaran Hospital is providing services such as beauty, pediatric repair, etc. in two shifts, morning and evening. With its specialized staff and five separate rooms and modern European units and equipment, this clinic provides the necessary dental services to applicants in different age groups.

  • Implant unit
  • Laminate
  • Composite
  • Dental Clinic
  • Treatment of various jaw
  • Specialized restoration of children
  • Printing and examinations of teeth
  • Orthodontics


••• Inpatient wards •••

This hospital has all public and private wards using the most advanced equipment and specialized personnel, with experience and experience. Different wards provide inpatient services with the most complete facilities and VIP.

Shagayeg part
  • Sepideh part
  • Yes part
  • Shabnam part
  • Shekofeh part
  • Orkideh part
  • Laleh part
  • Nilofar part
  • Argawan part

Intensive care center

The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) is one of the specialized departments in the hospital that provides medical intensive care services to patients. Trained medical staff such as doctors and nurses specializing in intensive care work in this department. Patients are usually ill. Life-threatening cases such as acute respiratory syndrome and infectious shock, as well as after major surgery and high-risk dehydration and severe brain problems are admitted to intensive care units. Payambaran Hospital has one of the largest intensive care centers.

  • CCU
  • ICU
  • NICU
  • ICU-OH




••• Emergency Center •••

The emergency center of Payambaran Hospital with the most complete emergency facilities and specialized staff is ready to provide services to esteemed clients around the clock. This center is equipped with emergency medicine specialists and general physicians around the clock. Also, sonography unit and pharmacy in this independent unit. It is ready to provide services to esteemed clients from a completely private hospital. Pediatricians,  general surgeons, and orthopedists are stationed in this ward at all times, including holidays and night hours.

  • Outpatient operating room
  • Isolated and disinfected room
  • Emergency ultrasound unit
  • Visiting and examination rooms
  • Dedicated pharmacy
  • Plastering bed
  • Triage unit
  • CPR Beds
  • General practitioners /pediatrics /orthopedic visiting rooms


••• Prophets Hotel and Water Complex •••

The welfare building of the International Prophet Hospital is one of the unique complexes in the medical centers. This complex has been established for the well-being of patients and their companions with the aim of providing VIP services on 11 floors. This complex has an international level hotel unit with 24 in rooms, 7 DBL rooms, and 1 royal suite. Also, the water complex of this center with a pool with a salt purification system, dry and steam sauna, Jacuzzi, and coffee shop is ready to serve dear clients.

  • VIP accommodation suites
  • Therapeutic recreational pool
  • Coffee shop
  • Massage bed
  • Sauna and Jacuzzi

••• Multipurpose gym and GYM •••

The Welfare Center of the International Hospital of the Payambaran has set up a multi-purpose hall and a gym with the latest facilities and beautiful design for the well-being of outpatients and their companions. Also football tables, ping pong, and billiards are other facilities of this complex. These facilities are available to the patient or his companions free of charge during their stay at the Payambaran Hotel.

  • Gym
  • Billiards, handball, and ping pong
  • Multifunctional ball stadium