Medical tourism

Payambaran International Hospital

Medical tourism in Prophets Hospital One of the units of the hospital is the international patient unit. This unit was formed in order to serve and increase the satisfaction of foreign patients and their well-being. This center manages and facilitates all matters related to diagnostic procedures and treatment of foreign patients from before they enter the country until they are discharged from the hospital. There are two ways for international patients to refer to this center: The patient goes to the hospital without coordination and directly, and then with the help of the international IPD patient care team, his diagnostic procedures are carried out. The patient is hospitalized with prior coordination through “companies that facilitate diagnostic and treatment services for international patients” or an IPD expert (by sending his documents and medical records by email or WhatsApp), taking into account the necessary facilities for check-up. and they come to Iran for residence and the necessary measures are taken for them with the help of the IPD team. During the entire time that the patient is in the hospital, the IPD expert visits the patient daily to ensure his satisfaction with the services provided. If the patient mentions a problem, it will be followed up through the IPD unit and the problem will be solved. After 3 to 5 days of the patient’s discharge, the treatment team will contact the patient to follow up on his condition, and if the patient has any questions about his current condition or how to take medicine, dressing, self-care, the treatment team will respond. And if needed, a second follow-up will be done a few days later through a phone call.

Services that can be provided to international patients

Separate and quick admission for foreign patients
Ability to respond to e-mails and calls of patients up to 48 hours
Carrying out diagnostic and treatment procedures outside of appointments
Interpreter based in the hospital fluent in English, Kurdish and Arabic languages
Making it possible for the patient’s family to stay in hospital suites
The possibility of using the sports complex of Prophets Hospital (gym, swimming pool, etc.) in case of staying in the hospital hotel. It should be mentioned that during the spread of Corona, it is not possible to use the sports complex.

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